We help the school identify and implement best practices. We offer pre-designed as well as customized teacher training programs to suit the schools requirement. Some of our pre-defined training programs:

Lesson Planning and execution: KG, Grades 1-6

Elements teachers need to think while planning. Importance of planning for attaining the objectives. Different aspects of a plan. Backward Planning considering the expectations of the board and school. Curriculum review, Book review. How to have an Aim, Plan the activities, Analyze the activity, apply thesame and assess the lesson. It is an explicit view why the lesson plan holds the crux of the entire outcomes of the department.

Literacy Training: KG, Grades1-4

There are five underlying skills that all learners need to possess in order to become great readers. Learn why it is important that teachers know how to plan, teach and assess these five skills: phonemic awareness, phonic knowledge, vocabulary acquisition, comprehension and fluency.It is very important for the teachers to know that phonics is as necessary in grades 1-4 as it is in kindergarten to acquire the reading skills.

Differentiated Instruction: Kindergarten to grades 1-4

An approach whereby we empower the teachers to purposefully plan and deliver instruction that recognizes and addresses learning differences. This workshop will answer many questions that teachers have about DI. We provide useful guidelines, assessment rubrics, charts and sample lessons. Teachers will be able to: Have guidelines for getting a DI classroom up and running.Come to understand the vision of a DI class and begin implementing DI.

Teaching Aids and Strategies:

Teaching aids can gather dust and will not give the school a good return for the investment. We train the teachers to use the teaching aids to the optimum. Using it in assessment, introduction, reinforcement and differentiated instruction are some of the aspects we conduct.Teachers are guided to prepare the relevant teaching aids for attaining their objectives.

Teaching for effective learning: KG, Grades 1-4

A workshop for teachers of Grades 1-4. It is workshop which looks at expectations closely. The teaching learning strategies, evaluation methods and many more. Sometimes too many activities are a concern and the right activities to attain your objectives.

Circle time:

Stories to capture children’s imaginations and act as catalysts for meaningful discussions. Many children benefit from sitting calmly in an 'emotionally safe place' with people whom they know. They need opportunities to learn how to listen, respect other people and express how they feel. An interactive workshop with many activities teachers can start using right away.Transition between two periods, between activities and getting children motivated is taken care of.

Nutrition and wellness Programs:

In today’s world of fast food and unhealthy eating habits responsibility falls on the school as well to inculcate good habits in children and do collaborative efforts for effective and long term results. MonAcademix with the help of their experts has designed many different programs for students, Parents and teachers too.