About Us

We are an organization with passion for Education.Keeping very young people's future at heart we are on a mission to Making Learning Fun!

Our vision is to create a conducive teaching learning environment for comprehensive development of young minds.

Our effort has always been to provide the best of products and resources to strengthen the teaching learning experience.

We are driven by the passion to provide the best of solutions to enhance the Teaching - Learning experience through a wide products and services portfolio.

We continuously strive to enable schools and teachers in adapting and imparting innovative teaching techniques.

We are in the business of providing teaching- learning resources to nurseries and schools. These teaching resources are meant to enhance gross motor skills, increase creativity, engage children in interesting activities and promote innovation. They are integrated into different subject areas such as maths, science, literacy and the trending STEAM learning. The wooden and high quality plastic also gives a variation in the sensorial experience. We have grown our product portfolio gradually over the last 2 years and now have over 1,000 teaching resources in our kitty.

Additionally, we also help teachers to improve efficacy of these resources and design/ plan their classroom and curriculum accordingly. We also do project based jobs such as to plan and assemble math/science labs, design classrooms and curriculum, better prepare schools to face KHDA and ADEC audits.

Our USP:

  • Over 30 years of teaching and training experience in the team
  • At the core, our approach is child centric and not product centric.
  • Although we are selling our products to schools, we believe our real client is the student who is going to use it.
  • 4 years in the business, we have developed a 360 degree approach to making learning fun.
  • We know the pain points for students, teachers and school management to which we provide the solutions
  • Best quality products at reasonable prices combined with our value added services
  • We have 100% client retention and ZERO returned goods

Leadership at MonAcademix:

MohanaKelkar - A teacher at heart, well transitioned into an entrepreneur. With her passion and vast experience in the field of education Mohana is able to sense the client needs and address them with the right solutions. On a number of occasions, teachers from client schools ask her for an advice on what to buy to suit their requirements.

  • Almost 25 years’ experience in the industry in various capacities has helped approach training with seriousness and diligence.
  • Conducts programs in different parts of U.A.E and India. Delivered programs in prestigious institutions in India and UAE like Al Dhafra Group of schools, GEMS group, Brilliant International School, Emirates English Speaking School and many other institutions.
  • Strong knowledge of skills affecting overall functioning of various aspects in the education industry and being a lifelong learner enables Mohana to keep up to date with the latest developments and best practices in the industry.
  • Certified with workshops and courses in the industry including SEN.
  • Masters in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Guide teachers in best practices, lesson planning and delivery, classroom management, assessment and evaluation, soft skills training and customized training.

ManasiGhate - A graduate in Food Science and a qualified ISO auditor, Manasi has an eye for detail. An entrepreneur since the early days, Manasi has been quick to scale up the supply chain and ensure it runs smoothly.Manasi’s expertise is in sourcing the right product at the right time for the customer which she believes is always right

  • Almost 5 years of experience in the education industry with a prior 4 years of Nutrition consultation background
  • An active member of BNI chapter in UAE.
  • An expert inNutritional guidance for parents, teachers as well as children.
  • A perfect fit to supply chain management delivered in effective & economical manner