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We are an organization with passion for Education.Keeping very young people's future at heart we are on a mission to Making Learning Fun!

Our vision is to create a conducive teaching learning environment for comprehensive development of young minds.

Our effort has always been to provide the best of products and resources to strengthen the teaching learning experience.

We are driven by the passion to provide the best of solu


MonAcademix deals in high quality, hand crafted and safe learning toys in wood and plastic and dedicates itself to its unwavering commitment for the overall development of young minds. Our wide range of physical teaching aids and educational resources provide children a Hands-On...


For the investor who wants more than just a business, we help you create a legacy. We offer turnkey solutions for schools, we walk with you from the day we are signed on till we see a change. A school is not a place with four walls but a place of learning that has the acade..


We help the school identify and implement best practices. We offer pre-designed as well as customized teacher training programs to suit the schools requirement. Some of our pre-defined training programs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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